Laurel Swift 

Musician, Composer, Dancer, Project Maker

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A Branch of May is Laurel's new show with long-time collaborator Ben Moss for Spring 2017

Celebration of summer's arrival festoons the traditional calendar worldwide. Through music, song & dance "A Branch of May" draws on Mayday traditions to explore the colourful present, rich history and primal excitement of this watershed moment. Expect uplifting harmonies, energetic dancing and driving rhythms from fiddles, clogs, melodeon and more. For those who are inclined, there will be opportunities to join in with rousing choruses, child-friendly craft and dancing!

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More than just a performance!


The duo aso offer workshops in May songs, harmony singing, Morris dancing and May garland decoration with processional dance & song - something for everyone.

For more information about Ben & Laurel, and to listen to tracks from their EP, visit their website:

If you're interested in booking Ben & Laurel or you'd like to find out more, please contact Maya at [email protected]