Laurel Swift 

Musician, Composer, Dancer, Project Maker

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Under Her Skin

Setting an ancient selkie (seal people) folktale firmly in the here and now, Under Her Skin is a live experience of joyful irreverence, poetic imagery and killer riffs.


With just two performers and no set except for a very characterful double bass, a whole world is created: from a quiet cove on the north coast to rush hour in Whitechapel; from a dysfunctional family who have lost their way to a disgruntled crow who has lost its rag!


Masterfully crafted yet with no set script, Under Her Skin is an exciting, constantly evolving piece; each night brings something surprising and new.


Debs and Laurel's dynamic performance storytelling and effusive dance and music propel this powerful tale to a moving conclusion in a unique and unforgettable live event.


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An epic tale, a modern twist, two voices, four feet and eight strings

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