Laurel Swift 

Musician, Composer, Dancer, Project Maker

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Welcome to the world of Laurel Swift - all round folk artist!  


Laurel is an inspiring instigator of creative new projects and performances rooted in the folk arts.  


Learn Folk Tunes By Ear + What To Do With Them!

12 Week Online  Course- Starts 20th January 2022


New Developments For Laurel's Folk Musical, Travelling With Thomas!


Laurel has choreographed and devised national touring dance productions for Morris Offspring, co-created and performed Under Her Skin with Debs Newbold, advised theatre & film companies on using folk music and dance material, performed and taught at festivals in the UK and America, founded an organisation to develop youth folk arts projects, teaches and contributes to education projects in London and nationally, and regularly performs with her acts including Ben Moss, Gadarene and The Gloworms.


"There are many people, young and old, to whom the currently vibrant English folk scene owes a lot. But in my book the one who ought to be front of the queue when they hand out the awards is an infectious bundle of mass-enthusing energy called Laurel Swfit"

- Ian Anderson, froots


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Laurel also offers folk retreats - weekends of inspiring classes, homecooked food, informal sessions and country walks.

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