Laurel Swift 

Musician, Composer, Dancer, Project Maker

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Morris Offspring

                              The Furnace  

Morris Offspring & Faustus  


Surging with hot, raw energy, the seemingly unstoppable machinery of Morris Offspring, driven by the mighty sounds of folk powerhouse Faustus, has created a rare jewel! This tenth anniversary outing for Morris Offspring brings a brand new generation of outstanding young dancers into the spotlight. Add Faustus's compelling rhythms to the cauldron and this is an explosive mix - an exhilarating, joyful and captivating spectacle.


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The Furnace Bromsgrove 31-03-2013 033

The fire in every generation devours the old to forge the new until all that is left is tradition itself.

Morris Offspring was a ten-year project bringing morris dance and music to the stage exploring the form’s creative and choreographic possibilities, and capturing images of morris through artwork, photography and film.


Over 50 outstanding young morris dancers were invovled with the project and we had a great time creating performances together! We were priviledged to work with excellent musicians throughout the decade including Faustus, Chris Wood, Rob Harbron, John Dipper, Jackie Oates, James Delarre, Miranda Rutter, Spiers and Boden.


Key achievements include two ACE funded tours of UK Arts Centres; On English Ground, with The English Acoustic Collective in 2007 and The Furnace with Faustus in 2013; we were featured on BBC2’s Culture Show, and broadcast live on BBC4 at the BBC Folk Awards 2014, members of the group toured with Steeleye Span, Morris On and Bellowhead. We collobrated to create two huge shows in the UK and USA, a cultural  exhange with Maple Morris.